GreenGT offers its know-how to all the players involved in motorized mobility by supplying them with integrated electric powertrains, including high-power versions.

GreenGT’s know-how ranges from the supply of powertrains to the storage of electrical energy, and also includes control electronics.

The reliability of its electric motors is outstanding, as they contain five times less moving mechanical parts than a thermal energy engine. They also offer yields higher than 98%, with the advantage of extreme compactness.

The control electronics also allows vector control of torque to the wheel, the optimization of available energy and braking energy recovery control.

Lastly, for energy storage, the batteries can deliver a large quantity of energy in a constant manner with a high energy density. As for the fuel cell, it offers an ideal solution in terms of power (40 to 400kW), recycling, compactness and above all autonomy.

The electrical / hydrogen technology used on the GreenGT H2, conceived as a demonstration model, will be applicable to other vehicles needing high power, trucks and other industrial vehicles.


Competition is a perfect testing ground. This demanding environment, where precision and accuracy are synonymous with performance and reliability, is an incomparable test bench.

Although competition is the driving force of our passion, GreenGT can also offer complete solutions for electric mobility in fields as diverse as:

  • • competition cars,
  • • concepts cars,
  • • pre-series vehicles,
  • • conversion of thermal energy engine vehicles,
  • • special industrial and military vehicles.

The range of engines offered goes from 100 to 800 kW and includes single-engine, twin-engine and four-engine solutions, as well as single or dual ratio gear boxes.


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