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Sectors of action

Consultancy and design services

GreenGT can meet technological requirements in the domain of electric-hydrogen motor sport: support part or the whole of a project, implement a design study, create of a prototype from concept to production.

Development and supplies

From taking charge of a development programme to supplying systems or organs, made-to-measure if required, GreenGT puts its design and R & D skills at the service of sporting projects.

Competition assistance

GreenGT masters the aspects of the entry of an electric-hydrogen prototype in international competitions. It can also support, oversee and train race team personnel.

Operating a team

GreenGT has the human and technical resources required to fully operate in competition any electric-hydrogen car entrusted to it.

Our expertise

The track is the best test bed for trialling electric-hydrogen solutions. Our technological demonstrators have been transformed into racing prototypes with a unique performance level. They race at the service of organisers and manufacturers and prefigure tomorrow’s motor sport.

10 years’ experience in the design of E-H2 racing prototypes

In 2010, GreenGT designed its first high-performance electric-hydrogen vehicle and is currently developing the sixth generation of its prototypes. With each new programme, new levels are been reached in the integration of technologies, systems management, power density and the implementation of electric-hydrogen propulsion solutions.

Over 10.000 km development on circuits

Every month, GreenGT and its team, H24 Racing, set up in collaboration with the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, add to their wealth of experience on the track. In the hands of Norman Nato, our reference driver in our competition programme, our prototypes that are becoming lighter and lighter have gained performance and autonomy. Thus, since 2018 the gap to the benchmark category has already been halved!

Already an entry in competition

In terms of out-and-out speed, acceleration and energy harvesting, our racing prototypes continue to push back the limits of performance. The components, systems and solutions implemented in each new generation are a benchmark for the players in the world of motor sport. In 2019, GreenGT achieved a historic premier by entering its electric-hydrogen-powered prototype (the LMPH2G) in the midst of other competitors during a weekend of international endurance racing.

Projects already achieved and on-going programmes

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