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Mobility industry

Sectors of action

Research and development

GreenGT defines, validates and protects solutions and high-quality bespoke electric-hydrogen systems for itself and for its clients.

Design and integration

We design and integrate high-density power solutions adapted to the mobility of road, maritime and air sectors according to the needs of each client.

Prototyping and development

Once the design phase has been carried out, we produce the prototypes and develop them. We can also take charge of the whole process of the pre-industrialisation phase of a project.

Supply of systems and components

We can produce pre-series of the elements and sub-assemblies selected by our clients with a constant level of quality and respect of the deadlines.

Our expertise

Thanks to more than 10 years’ research and development on projects in the laboratory and in the field, we have acquired unique expertise and experience whatever the milieu (road, maritime and air).


Heavy goods vehicles: 26 tons without trailers, 44 tons with trailers. Household waste disposal trucks, dumpster trucks, tractor-cranes, firemen’s vehicles.


Yachts, ferries.
Port vehicles, container carriers, forklift vehicles.


Airport vehicles: aircraft tractors, buses, baggage tractors, handling vehicles.

Finished projects and on-going programmes

  • 2015, Maxity H2 project (France): Renault Trucks, Symbio, La Poste.
  • From 2016, CATHyOPÉ programme (France): a consortium bringing together l’Ademe, GreenGT, Chabas and Carrefour.
  • From 2018, GoH! programme (Switzerland): a consortium bringing together GreenGT, Migros, SIG and Larag.
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