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Signes (Var, 83, France)
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Company Background:
GreenGT is a pioneer and integrator of innovative technologies, dedicated to the development of high power electric-hydrogen propulsions, for the transportation and motorsport industries. For nearly a decade, we have been shaping the future of high-power mobility by building prototypes and small series of exclusive vehicles, based on our electric-hydrogen propulsion solutions. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas and we provide engineering services as well as fuel cell systems for special high-power applications, where mainstream offer on power, weight or volume are limiting factors.

GreenGT comprises three Business Units:
• Mobility Industry: our technical team designs and develops electric-hydrogen systems according to customer specifications for different types of applications : mobility (road, sea, air, rail) or stationary;
• Motorsports: a world-premier prototype racing car equipped with an electric-hydrogen propulsion system has been developed for the 24hr Le Mans race;
• Infrastructures and Territories : we have set up consultancy activities in order to help our clients create and accelerate their hydrogen ecosystems implementation.

What we are looking for:
a Modeling & Simulation Engineer to join the « Mobility Industry » Business Unit.

GreenGT activities aim to support its customers to identify, define and implement hydrogen eco-system projects within their business environment. Our scope starts at the very initial stage of project definition, then through the planning phase and all the way to the project implementation. The full hydrogen value chain is also considered. It starts with the production, then storage, transport, distribution, and use.
Hydrogen technologies are now available solutions for diverses applications:
• Mobility: on roads, on sea, on rail or in the air;
• Stationary: heat and power for homes, buildings and industries.

Your responsibilities:
Within the Business Unit, you will be responsible for building physical models of a Hydrogen/Electric powertrain, and simulate/analyze its behavior.

Key responsibilities will include:
• To do the state-of-art of existing models;
• To identify performance indicators in order to give answers to solicitations from externals, project engineers, project manager or other managers within the organization;
• To modify the actual simulator software to read custom cycles;
• To do the study and report for projects;
• To do the physical models of powertrain for control system validation (FuelCell, Battery, DC/DC, Inverter etc…);
• To maintain and update models;
• To do correlation between simulation and test bench results;
• To help on AI subjects with the innovation engineer;
• To participate on test bench campaign, and to define some needs;
• To contribute on the modeling methodology;
• To follow simulation software deployment.

Your qualifications and background:
• From 0 to 2 years’ experience;
• Minimum MSc degree in fields such as Electricity, Hydrogen and Mechanic with some control system knowledge;
• Knowledge of Matlab-Simulink-Simscape, Python is a plus;
• Knowledge of renewable energy systems;
• Ability to manage multiple studies simultaneously;
• Excellent writing, communication and interpersonal skills;
• IT literate and competent in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
• Fluent in French and English;
• Self-motivated and able to take initiatives.

Basic information:
Location: Signes, France (Var)
Contract: Permanent
Job type: Full-time
Salary: Subject to experience

To apply, please forward your CV and cover letter to jobs@greengt.com, citing the "Modeling & Simulation Engineer" role in the subject line.

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