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Sectors of action

Analysis of the potential development of hydrogen ecosystems

The first approach to a project of transition towards a model integrating electric-hydrogen solutions is to identify and then connect the existing needs with the potential local energy sources.

Identification of objectives and priority lines of action

The development of an electric-hydrogen energy programme requires the knowhow to prioritise needs and deal with them using a pragmatic and gradual action strategy.

Definition and deployment of programmes including the training of the participants

The electric-hydrogen solution is meeting with increasing popular success that is all the stronger because it involves participants in all the phases of its development and trains them how to use it.

Strategic and operational backup

Backup is essential. Electric-hydrogen solutions are constantly evolving and require expert backup to remain in line with the needs of our clients.

Our expertise

Alongside other industrial and university players we provide expertise and skills for the whole of the electric-hydrogen value chain and its infrastructures. From the study phase to implementation we master the evaluation, modeling and integration of hydrogen energy solutions at regional or company level.

Understanding of the needs and awareness of the stakes

The electric-hydrogen energy transition is our business. We have built up in-depth knowledge of environments and development models. We know how to identify needs and issues, resources and their potential, how to create value from them and how to implement the appropriate solutions. We support our clients from their early reflections to getting the project up and running.

Pragmatic approach and concrete experience feedback

It’s in the field facing the realities, the constraints and expectations, listening to the deciders and the players that we build our reflection and propose responses to the stated ambitions and the issues raised. Once the programmes have been launched we know how to pilot them or support their development. It’s on the basis of our past experience that we commit ourselves and build solutions with our clients for a decarbonised future.

Technical mastery of the energy transition

We master the architecture and the engineering of hydrogen solutions. From the identification of the sources of production to the training of the players as well as storing, distribution and operation we provide pragmatic responses to our clients’ involvement vis-à-vis social and environmental responsibilities.

Example of hydrogen infrastructures

Model of a hydrogen territory

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